THE CUMAX Loan Fund (to be launched in 2019)

Investment Objective

The fundamental investment objective of the CUMAX Loan Fund is to earn the highest level of income consistent with capital preservation and liquidity by investing primarily in Jamaican dollar money market instruments. 

Who Should Invest In The Portfolio 

The CUMax Loan Market Fund suitable for investors who are conservative and income oriented. It is the ideal place to place cash which may be needed in the short-term pending a longer-term investment decision. Investors who have low risk tolerance and for whom security of principal is their primary concern should invest in this portfolio. 


The Portfolio invests primarily in short term government and commercial paper denominated in Jamaican dollars. It may also invest in non-Jamaican, dollar-denominated money market instruments, including Commercial paper, investment grade obligations of companies based in the Caribbean, US, UK and Canada, to generate higher yields on a total return basis subject to the constraints set out in the General Restrictions below. 

The Portfolio may invest in medium to long-term debt securities to the extent that such securities provide a high income yield and/or are believed to be undervalued and offer the potential for capital appreciation in the short-term. The Portfolio may also invest in the stocks of listed companies with a high dividend yield. 

In selecting debt securities denominated in various currencies, the Manager considers, among other factors, the effects of movements in the currency exchange rates on the values of such securities in a manner that will seek to maximize the Portfolio’s total Jamaican dollar return.