Financial Freedom

Pension Fund Management & Administration

Retire in style with the CUFMC! The CUFMC has been successfully managing pension funds and providing administrative services for over 15 years. Let us manage your pension fund and provide superior administrative services.


  • Effectively manage the investment portfolio and generating good returns through efficient asset allocation strategies
  • Assisting with the establishment and operations of Pension Schemes
  • Administration to ensure performance of the Fund in line with Government of Jamaica and FSC regulations.
  • Reporting on administrative and investment functions to the Trustees and Regulators.
  • Advise and Assistance in developing or amending pension scheme documents such as investment policy, etc
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Maintenance of the register of members and pensioners
  • Custodian of securities held on behalf of the Fund.
  • Access to actuarial valuations and auditing services

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    The CUFMC’s team, both at the leadership level and its staff, serves as a true reflection of a company that understands what is meant by “going the extra mile” to serve its clients.

    Elvis King

    General Manager, EduCom Co-operative Credit Union

    CUFMC has continued to be driven by a desire to serve the Credit Union’s best interests, rather than its own.

    Martin Blackwood

    General Manager, General Manager, PCCU & President of Credit Union Managers Association,