Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CUFMC ?

The Credit Union Fund Management Company is the wealth management arm of the Jamaica Credit Union Movement. The CUFMC is owned by the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League Ltd. (JCCUL) and 14 Jamaican Credit Unions. An experienced Board of Directors guides our operations and an experienced and competent staff complement handle the day-to-day affairs. The CUFMC is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Jamaica (FSC) as a Securities Dealer, Pension Fund Manager and Administrator. We are uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of investments opportunities, denominated in the major currencies that benefit all our clients

Why should you invest with CUFMC ?

CUFMC offers products and services that will assist each client to achieve his/her financial goals. In addition, CUFMC is committed to maintaining high levels of service at all times, and based on our expertise, we are able to invest your money at attractive rates of interest.

Why do I need investment advice ?

Successful wealth creation requires an intimate understanding of the financial markets. While you may not have the time or the expertise to keep up the dynamic bond, money and stock markets, our in-house team monitors the financial markets both locally and overseas.

Any of our Business Development Representatives will be able to provide you with timely relevant information that will help you build the optimal investment portfolio for your wealth objectives.

What currency can invest in?

We offer investments in United States Dollars and Jamaican Dollars.

Start Investing with CUFMC Now
Start your investment journey today. In order to open an account with CUFMC the following items will be required:

  • A valid government issued ID (example: Driver’s License, Voters ID, Passport etc.)
  • Your Jamaican TRN or another valid international Tax registration number
  • Proof of Address (example: Utility Bill, Bank Statement, rent receipt etc)
  • 2 Character References (Eligible referees include: JP, Attorney, Medical Doctor, Financial Institution Manager)

You will also have to complete the CUFMC Account Opening Forms