Portland Co-operative Credit Union (PCCU)

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Martin Blackwood
General Manager, PCCU & President of Credit Union Managers Association
Portland Co-operative Credit Union (PCCU)



In the years that Portland Co-operative Credit Union (PCCU) has been partnering with the CUFMC (previously JCCUL), they have always acted with impeccable professionalism. Their product offerings and advice have been extremely well thought out and even in the current challenging conditions; the CUFMC has continued to be driven by a desire to serve the Credit Union’s best interests, rather than its own. They always consider our peculiar circumstances and attitude towards risk and are prepared to spend time discussing, explaining and exploring different opportunities for the Credit Union. They have always offered carefully considered strategies based on their knowledge of the financial marketplace which has resulted in the Credit Union getting optimum returns from investments placed with the CUFMC. Recently PCCU started utilizing the Company’s portfolio management services and have been satisfied with the service. CUFMC has a very efficient and experienced team of trained professionals, all of whom are prepared to go the "extra mile" to deliver quality service. No distance is too far and no question is too trivial. The CUFMC keeps us informed of every new development in the financial industry especially if it's relevant to the Credit Union. Therefore CUFMC is a true partner to the Portland Co-operative Credit Union.





  • 2a Manhattan Road,
       Kingston 5.
  • 10 Ruthven Road,
       Kingston 10.
  • Phone: 1 876 926-7767
        Fax: 1 876 929-1050
  • Email: info@cufmco.com


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