Financial Freedom

Advisory Services

Investment Advice

The business of investments can be a daunting and difficult to maneuver through the many financial options. CUFMC will help you to navigate the various investment options and create the optimal plan that will maximize your returns.

 Our experienced advisors will meet with you and create a portfolio customized specifically for you!

Financial goals, needs, priorities and risk tolerance change with age. Investment strategies change to suit changes in goals, priorities and risk tolerance. 

Financial Planning

Suggested Stages of the Life Cycle

  • Early career phase (beginning of work life to age 35/40).
  • Mid career or establishment phase (age 35/40 – 55).
  • Late Career of pre-retirement phase (age 55 – 65).
  • Retirement years (age 65 and over).

What Our Clients Say About Us

The CUFMC’s team, both at the leadership level and its staff, serves as a true reflection of a company that understands what is meant by “going the extra mile” to serve its clients.

Elvis King

General Manager, EduCom Co-operative Credit Union

CUFMC has continued to be driven by a desire to serve the Credit Union’s best interests, rather than its own.

Martin Blackwood

General Manager, General Manager, PCCU & President of Credit Union Managers Association,